Promotion Items
Magnetic Car Sign

Choice Magnetic Car sign makes your Logo or Image reach the best Advertising Effectiveness!!

Promotion your company or products anytime and anywhere while you drive (even park) on the road. Magnetic Car sign is convenience for you to stick on and take off.

Two type of Printing.

  1. Off-set printing with UV ink
    Suitable for full color advertising
  2. Silk Screen Printing with solvent-base ink
    Suitable for solid color or pantone color

Please notice:

Fading of color is a dilemma common in all kinds of printing methods. Screen-printing method will be better than off-set printing in fading resistance. The color transformation of off-set printing signs happen approximate 6 to 12 months. It also depend on placement and how long it be exposed to sunlight.

Flexible Magnetic CAR –SIGN Use Guide

◎ How to use Magnetic Car Sign ??

  1. The vehicle and Magnetic Sign are clean and free of roadway debris and water.
  2. Should you peeled away Magnetic Sign from your vehicle’s surface and replay step of above on a weekly basis.
  3. The vehicle had waxed should you wait for the wax ‘s solvent was evaporated .

◎ Why should you peeled away Flexible Magnetic products from your vehicle’s surface on a weekly basis.

  1. Flexible magnet is a synthetic of rubber compound, and your vehicle’s with different material characteristics on a steel surface.
  2. The vehicle and magnet sheet surface are clean and free of roadway debris. Dirt trapped between the magnet sheet and your vehicle can damage its finish.
  3. For prevent the magnet sheet and your vehicle’s surface from increasing locked tight.
  4. As the vehicle surface and magnetic sheet expand and contract at different rates as the environmental temperature fluctuates.
  5. This weekly peel away, along with a good schedule of regular cleaning, will not only help to lengthen the life of your magnetic sheet but also making the magnetic bond stronger over time and protection the surface of your vehicle.