Magnetic stationary
Magnetic Label Holder

Magruba Magnetic Label (Card) Holder with special C-channel can be insert paper, tinplate, plastic sheet. Widely use for stuff labeling.


  1. Ideal for warehouse or metal cabinet labeling.
  2. Organizing products for storage area
  3.  Can be insert paper, plastic sheet, tinplate.


Step1. Write on a card.
Step2. Put the written card insert into C-Channel.
Step3. Adhere it on any metal surfaces.

Standard sizes

  •  w 25mm× t 3.8mm × L 100mm
  • w 30mm× t 3.8mm × L 100mm
  • w 40mm× t 4.0mm × L 120mm
  • w 50mm× t 5.0mm × L 150mm
  • w 70mm× t 5.0mm × L 200mm
  • Custom Length is accepted.